The young people at Walton Methodist Church want to do something for children who are having a tough time. After vast amounts of chatting, praying and research they feel that God is calling them to go to Rukungiri in Uganda, where being born with a disability means life as a second-class citizen.


What will we do?

The mornings will be spent building and extending Kitazigurukwa School for children with disabilities, who have been abandoned by their families. In the afternoon they will support charitable work in a variety of successful organisations, like the Mother’s Union & Five Fingers Project. Over the course of the fortnight there is also opportunity to work with the children in the local Primary school. The trip has been opened up to the church community and a small number of adults are going too from the church to make sure all is well and because they are really big kids too with large hearts and open minds.



The bigger picture and long term vision is that we wish to put our faith into action and participate in a project where we can really make a difference. Therefore a large amount of our time and energy will be put towards fund-raising for this valuable experience. We truly believe that participating in an overseas mission project in a less developed country will have a significant impact on our lives and we are committed to working hard as a team to make this a reality. The young people who have already committed to going to Uganda are in their teenage years and feel that through giving a fortnight of our lives in service to others will ultimately have a huge influence on their personal perspectives and the young men and women which they will grow into.