House Groups

This Summer...

We meet for our Bible Study on Thursday evenings. The group has a potential attendance of 14 with an average attendance of 11 or 12.   We use several reference books and internet sources, the main one at present being "1 Kings 1-11; The rise and fall of King Solomon" (2011) by James Hughes in the Good Book Guide series.

On May 9th we watched the film “The Theory of Everything”, released in January 2015, which is about the life of the scientist Stephen Hawkins.

This is followed by five (weekly) sessions at 49 St Vincent Road looking at selected themes with suitable Bible readings.

Although science today is closely tied to mathematics and computers, following this study
requires no knowledge of either. The course book “The mystery of everything” by Hilary
Brand, emphasises the many mysteries of life and the importance of humility! The five
sessions cover: the experience of wonder; the enigma of weakness; the complexity of
relationships; the encounter with frailty; and the hope beyond brokenness. By the end of
the course we expect to have deepened our faith in the creative power and love of God.

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