The 'Make Your Mark' campaign has now come to an end. A BIG thank you to everyone that supported us through buying a slate, providing generous donations, baking, or giving up their time! 

In total we have raised £3,000, so we are all really pleased with this and it's fair to say that the campaign was a great success. 

The 'Make Your Mark' Campaign

Walton-on-Thames Methodist Church's roof is in desperate need of re-slating and to support this incredibly expensive project the 'Make Your Mark' campaign has been launched. We are selling the new roof slates (£10 each or two for £15) which can then be signed/personalised before becoming a part of the new church roof. Your signed slate will then become a part of history, remaining a part of one of Walton's landmarks for many years to come.

Our church building is not just a place of worship, it is a landmark in Walton- its spire has been a part of Walton's skyline for 130 years. It is thanks to our church building that we are able to maintain our premises which are used by a variety of people from the local community, including: our uniformed groups, local charities, baby and toddler groups, our amateur dramatic society (WMP) and people celebrating their birthdays. It is therefore important to the whole community to keep our church building open and you can be a part of achieving this by coming along and buying your slate.

The campaign has also involved the creation of a 'History of the Church' exhibition to mark 130 years since the foundation stone was laid on Tuesday 28th July 1887. The exhibition is split into 10 sections: 'The Building', 'The Circuit', 'Youth Work at Walton Methodist Church', 'Music at WMC', 'Drama at WMC', 'Weddings at WMC', 'Events at WMC', 'WMC at 100', 'WMC in the Floods' and 'Make Your Mark: 1887 and 2017'. 

'Make Your Mark': The Launch Weekend

A big thank you to everyone who came along and supported us over Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July. It was lovely to see people from all ages come along and sign their slates. 

On Saturday 29th July we opened the church from 11am until 3pm to give people the opportunity to come along and sign a slate as well as to explore the 'History of the Church' exhibition, play games, and enjoy some refreshments. 

On Sunday 30th July we were open from 9am until 1pm to coincide with the Ride London-Surrey 100. We had a few cyclists stop on their way past to fill up their water bottles or to grab something sweet and one even had time to sign a slate! There was a great atmosphere and it was lovely to feel a part of the cycling event. 

It is following the success of the launch weekend that we are now extending the campaign into September with our stall at Heritage Day on Saturday 9th September-if you missed us on the 29th and 30th July, be sure to come along to Cowey Sale on the 9th September. 


We  hope you have found what you're looking for and that the website has given you some information about what happens at Walton Methodist Church, but we cannot tell you everything so please comeand VISIT US and see what happens for yourself!