Pastoral Care

Walton Methodist Church aims to be a caring church, in that all members of the congregation are cared for pastorally by a Pastoral Visitor who is a member of the church.

What do the Pastoral Visitors do?

There are twelve Pastoral Visitors at the moment within the community at Walton Methodist Church. Each visitor is reponsible for overseeing the well being of about 6-12 people or families relatively near to where the visitor lives. 

The visitor tries to visit the households 3 or 4 times a year or more if needed and will arrange for help or prayers if requested. If a member of the congregation has been absent for several Sundays, then the Pastoral Visitor will check to see if anyone is ill or needing help. This way we aim to show the love of Jesus.


The Pastoral Visitor also delivers the church magazine, Aspire, which comes out several times a year. This a great way to update people on what is happening in the community and is especially helpful to anyone who may be housebound.

We  hope you have found what you're looking for and that the website has given you some information about what happens at Walton Methodist Church, but we cannot tell you everything so please come and visit us and see what happens for yourself!