We are now open every Thursday between 2pm and 3pm for Private Prayer. 

Private Prayer

Our Covid-19 Task Force have gone over all the regulations and come up with a Risk Assessment, Action Plan and Operating Procedures meaning we can now welcome you back.


Obviously, as you will know from media coverage, things will not be as they were before, so we would like to warn you, before you come, so it isn’t a shock.


The most recent guidance is for masks to be worn in places of worship. It is not mandatory, as it is in shops, but it is very much recommended. We would therefore ask you, where possible, to arrive wearing a mask.


There will be a one way system in operation, so you will enter through the normal door by the slope and go through the left archway.


When you arrive in The Narthex, your name will be taken down and the time of your visit. This information will be made available to the NHS Test and Trace service, should anyone who enters the church later be diagnosed with Covid-19.


You will be asked to sanitise your hands and shown through the door into the church, following the one way system.


We have had to remove all the pew cushions, bibles and hymn books. If you would like to bring a prayer book or bible of your own, you are most welcome to do this, but obviously remember to take it home when you leave.


The kitchen and toilets will NOT be available to use.


We have also had to close off some pews. We have tried to do this subtly, so you will find some red tape across the entrance to the pews that cannot be used, to maintain social distancing. We are aware of the demographic of our church and so have gone for 2 metre social distancing, so as to be extra safe.


When you leave the pew, a volunteer will come over and place a ‘No Entry’ card on the pew, to stop anyone else sitting there.


Once you have finished your time of prayer you will leave via the opposite door to the one you entered and be asked to sanitise your hands once more before leaving.


We will have music playing and a candle lit.


We have made the environment as safe as we possibly can and yet we hope still kept it your church.


We have a limit of 18 households at a time to be in the church. We don’t anticipate this being a problem, but if we were to have a rush, we’d have to ask you to queue outside, following the 2 metre distance tape that will be laid down.

So, do come and see us and do give us any feedback about your experience; it will all be very useful as we look towards the next stage of opening the church for worship again.

We  hope you have found what you're looking for and that the website has given you some information about what happens at Walton Methodist Church, but we cannot tell you everything so please comeand VISIT US and see what happens for yourself!