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Pentecost! The birth-day of the Church! On this day we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit, overflowing and pouring out over the gathered disciples who were then ‘poured out’ from their hiding place into the community around them, sharing God’s story with confidence, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Where would you be if you imagine yourself in this story?

How do you think you would have responded to what was happening?

How do you think the power of the Holy Spirit drew people together here?

31st May - 6th June


Holy Spirit, you are welcome.
Come among us like a wind,
like a fire, like a dove.
Come gently or come boldly.
We are waiting for you.


Holy Spirit Headbands

You will need: strips of card, stapler, red, yellow and orange tissue paper, scissors, glue.

The Holy Spirit appeared as flames on the believers’ heads.

Join strips of card together to make a band to fit around your head and ask your grown up to help you staple it together.

Cut flame shapes out of the coloured tissue paper and glue them to the headband. 

You now have your own Holy Spirit Headband.

Pictures by Seonghun and Seonuk of the Coronavirus pandemic

Or if you have a salad spinner at home, you could make a Holy Spirit disc like Rev. Julia!


Message Board

A place to share thoughts, lockdown experiences, and a life with God. 

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