Tied Together


On Thursday during February half term 2015, members of the youth group met just before 10pm to start our tied together for twenty four hours charity event. I think we were all really excited but maybe a little bit nervous about the next 24 hours.
Once we had set up our beds in the Wesley room at Church it was 10pm, so we tied ourselves to our partners with elastic. To start with it was a laugh and really fun but as the time went on it just became more and more irritating.
I think we all found that it was the lack of that freedom which was most difficult; just to get up and plug your phone in or make a drink. We all became more aware of what was really necessary and we all had to be very giving and selfless and just get up and go with the person when and where they needed us to.
We did get a lot of funny looks when we went out to the cinema in Staines, but just doing something normal where we would have been sat right next to someone anyway I think calmed us all down a little. We had that time to relax and enjoy ourselves.
It was a relief to be untied but I think that we found it difficult being with our partner so much because we HAD to be. I wouldn't be in a rush to do it again but we raised lots of money to put towards our charity Pantomime which will be happening in December.

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Tied Together