The young people at Walton Methodist Church wanted to do something for children who are having a tough time. After vast amounts of chatting, praying and research they felt that God was calling them to go to Rukungiri in Uganda, where being born with a disability means life as a second-class citizen.

After a year of fundraising, this call was answered;10 of us went to Rukungiri.
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The Day-by-Day Uganda Diary-

Saturday 6th August
Saturday 7th August

The team are home! Photos and more stories to follow soon. Watch this space!

'Our Experiences' is currently underdevelopment so cannot be accessed at this time.

Come and Experience

On Sunday 20th November from 12 until 2:30pm we would like to invite everyone to a meal (cuisine, hopefully of Uganda origin) to hear about our experience in Uganda with photographs and a friendly chat.  Hope that you will be able to make it, and if you can, could you please sign up on the sheet  the Narthex. 

The team have arrived in Dubai (22:20 local time)! They now have a four hour wait before the next flight from Dubai to London Heathrow.

Friday 5th August

The team arrived after a very long coach journey at Banana Village where they will spend the night before heading to the airport tomorrow morning. 

Thursday 4th August

A message from the team:

We all continue to do well. Our experiences continue to be humbling and awe inspiring.

Today we head to Elizabeth safari park and a short rest before a long drive to Kampala. Much love to all and God Bless X

Wednesday 3rd August

A message from the team:

The mural is completed and the building work is continuing well. 
Some of us have supported a family with extra aid: a dear grandma and her disabled 24 year old son. 

There are a variety of pictures displayed to the left, many of which are from today, including the wonderful, finished mural-the team should be very proud of their work.

Tuesday 2nd August

In the morning the team attendeed the Chilli Children's Life Skills clinic where they got another opportunity to spend time with the local people.

In the afternoon the team continued to work hard on the building site. 

The mobile phone network has been restored. 

A message from the team:

In the last couple of days we have worked at the Chilli Children project and met an amazing lady called Evas a living Angel and a social worker. She has been an ispiration to many of us. 

Monday 1st August

The team are continuing to work at the building site in the morning and all are well. In the afternoon the team participated in a Chilli Children's Family home visit. This charity supports families by purchasing chilli peppers off families and then selling them for a futyher profit. This profit is invested in local development such as education. 

Unfortunately the phone network has crashed (which we were using to get updates from Uganda) which means that until the network is restored there will be no further updates. 

Sunday 31st July

The team attended a two hour church service this morning during which they contributed with their 'My Lighthouse' Dance. Megan, Hannah and Naomi put the dance together for worship at Walton and so taught the dance to others in the group who then all performed it together as part of the worship.

Saturday 30th July

A message from the team:

The building work is progressing and we are all learning new skills. We all remain well and happy. We are part of a lovely team. 
Prayers please for continued safety, energy, strength both physically and mentally and that we all remain positive and see the hope that God brings in all these situations. 
Much love to all from us crazy bunch here xx

Friday 29th July

A message from the team:

I'm thrilled that the head teacher has allowed us to paint a mural (you can see a picture of the work in progress on the left) on a class room wall for the disabled children. We started it today and everyone is going to do a bit. It's of Ugandan animals and will really brighten up the class. 

We visited a project-Mosaic Vision-that works with families in poverty and often orphaned children. It was, to be honest, shocking to see such poverty and signs of domestic violence. Thankfully the project will help this family over the coming months. 

In the evening the team found it fascinating to hear from Martin about 'being Ugandan'. 

Thursday 28th July

The team have continued to work hard at the building site while enjoying time to play with the children during their breaks.

A message from the team:

We did a massive sports day today for the junior children they loved it and adored the medals ( very humbling that something so small means so much).

Wednesday 27th July

The team have continued with their work on the building site-their efforts are focussed on the rennovations of a teacher's home. It is important to provide good accommodation for teachers in the region, otherwise they will leave and seek better paid work in Kampala. 

In the afternoon the team visited the Rukungiri Modern School where they played with the children, for example they did the Hokey Cokey. The children loved the opportunity to be a part of the games.

The team have also had the measurements taken for the traditional African dress that will be made for them. 

Tuesday 26th July

A message from the team: 

So we have started building at the school-wow. It is an amazing place where children with disabilities are part of main stream classes or catered for in specialist classes. If these children were not at the school they would be hidden away in their homes. So we carried water, cleaned, sanded, swept and started painting an existing building. We also carried bricks. It's amazing to be helping build more facilities for such a special school. Then we met the children they were so beautiful and we played games, held hands, got hugged and were high fived.

​In the afternoon we went to a centre which cares for young girls who have stopped attending school for a number of reasons. They taught us crafts and we gave them bibles in their language. They were so excited and thankful it was moving and humbling. 

We are all well and having an amazing time. The team of 20 is lovely and we are fed very well. God is touching us all and we are having an amazing time. Our gang are teaching others some great card games in the evenings and we are laughing lots.

Monday 25th July

The team have arrived at their hotel in Rukungiri. 

A message from the team:

The journey was long and tiring but we did see zebras. Some suitcases got delayed at Dubai so we were sharing and making do. The cases arrived today so that was okay. 

Sunday 24th July

At around 1pm our time (3pm Ugandan time) the team arrived safely in Uganda. All are well after two flights-one to Dubai and the other onto Uganda. The food on the flight was good and there were some good films to choose from.

At around 9pm our time (11pm Ugandan time) the team headed for bed at their first accommodation on their way to Rukungiri, they make the second part of their coach journey tomorrow. Sadly,Ollie's luggage has gone missing so we hope that it turns up soon!

The Last Day at the Site