Wintershall Estate


On Saturday 12th April, eight youth group members and their friends and family went on an afternoon trip to 'The Wintershall Estate' in Guildford. The afternoon started with a walk around the stations of the cross with different members and leaders leading a two minute session on each one of the stations, talking about their significance and what we can learn from them. 

We ended our short walk in a barn where we had a delicious picnic and then the games began! We started with a giant skipping rope playing various games such as the alphabet game.

It was then time for the serious stuff as we headed outside for a game of rounders!


I feel that I can speak on behalf of everyone saying that it was a great afternoon of reflection and learning but also a lot of fun and laughter!

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Chessington World of Adventures


If your parents are like mine and feel sick at the mere thought of a spinning tea cup, but you can think of nothing better than being flipped upside down and sprayed in the face with water, then you’re like me. Luckily, Megan our youth leader is “up for not knowing which way is up or down.”

At 9.30 last Tuesday, 6 of us set out for Chessington World of Adventure.  We started our day out with a ride on “Tomb Blaster” where we competed against each other to see who could blast the most bugs with their laser gun.  Kirsten and I were the bug-blasting champions!  Next we went on Rameses Revenge where you are strapped in, flipped upside down, twirled around and sprayed in the face with water.  My dad says that this would be “his personal version of Hell” … what a wimp!   Next we tried out a new ride; The Scorpion Express, which is a runaway train roller coaster to get us ready for The Rattle Snake, that had lots of drops and sharp turns that made you think you were going to go whizzing off the track!

After snacking on our packed lunches, we went to see the animals in the park, then we queued up for the Black Buccaneer which is a pirate ship that you sit in and which swings VERY high and steeply back and forth.  After this stomach churning adventure we went on The Vampire – a ride where mostly you hang upside down in a seat then have loads of fun zooming around the woods.   Following this we went stumbling from the impact of The Vampire, to the Monkey Swinger (swings that ping you REALLY high into the air) whilst you are sprayed with water and send you dizzy. 

Finally, we queued up forever to go the Dragons Fury rollercoaster.  This tips up and down, and loops round and round and the cart you sit in spins 360 degrees too. I went home feeling very tired and very dizzy (in a good way).  Thanks Megan for organising an amazing day out!  


Youth Group Member 

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